By Lyne Branchaud, Guide Événement

Receiving a marriage proposal from the man you love and who adds a touch of happiness to your daily life will certainly remain one of the most happy moments of your life!

You imagine yourself already dressed in your dream dress, smiling, and more beautiful than you’ve ever been, with the love of your life on your arm and surrounded by people you love … picture perfect happiness !

But after these moments of euphoria come other emotions a little less intoxicating … The questions, the worries, the insecurities and the stress of the organization of the wedding … You feel like you are in a tornado since it is the first time that you have to organize a wedding in your entire life! What do I start with? What do I have to do ? How do I not forget anything? Where should I look to find a venue, a DJ, a meal? And above all, how can I make sure that everything will be PERFECT ??? !!! ???

With 50 to 60 weddings celebrated each year, and for more than 80 years, who better than Audrey, Melanie and Richard of Hotel & Spa Mont Gabriel to offer you precious recommendations to live the most beautiful moment of your life … in peace!

“My best advice would be to choose your date as soon as possible so you can book your ceremony, the reception hall and all the suppliers you really want,” suggests Mélanie Lauzon, event coordinator. By being in advance (we are talking about a year before the wedding), you will have many more options and can choose the best provider and the one you really want instead of not having the choice because was the only one still available! ”

“Also, keep some options, that is to say, evaluate if it’s possible to celebrate your wedding the week before or after your ideal date,” adds Audrey Paquette Ravary, Sales representative. It could help you in your choice of locations and suppliers! ”
Also note that Saturdays in August are traditionally the most requested dates, but the trend seems to be moving towards the Saturdays of September and October … or the Saturdays of February for a winter wedding!

“You will spend a lot of time traveling to visit 15 reception rooms!” says Mélanie. Take the time to search the Internet … You will find plenty of answers to your questions for example, the maximum number of people the room can hold, the style and decor of the place, the different packages offered ( to ensure that there is one that fits your budget), curfew time, the minimum number of people, extras to be expected (assembly costs, cocktail, ceremony fees, etc.) . Trust yourself and trust your intuition! Make a list of your 3 favorite places and start by visiting these … You will certainly have a crush and avoid seeing your spouse become impatient after the 7th visit!, Sneers Melanie

“Take the time to write down your budget and the list of your guests … It is not uncommon for you to think about fifty people when in reality, you will write double that,” says Melanie. Start with the heart, that is, the people you absolutely care about, and keep adding the others in order of importance. This will make it easier to remove the last entries if your budget or room capacity unfortunately requires you to restrict your guest list. ” ” Also, predict that an average of 10% of guests can not be present at the wedding, adds Audrey.

“As for the budget,” says Audrey, “do not forget to plan a quick cash amount because you will have to pay to book your suppliers before you receive the money from your bank. Guests … It is therefore important to forecast these expenses! ”

“Finally, do not listen to ALL your surroundings! It’s good to please everyone, but do not forget that it’s YOUR wedding and the important thing is to make you happy and represent who you are and your decisions together, as couple, “Melanie concludes.

The trends observed by Hotel & Spa Mont Gabriel’s team are more intimate weddings, that is to say between 80 and 100 guests and that last 3 days … It is not uncommon for the wedding party to arrive the day before and take the opportunity to decorate the room, get their nails done (for the ladies) or play a round of golf (for men) and they also enjoy the day after the wedding to brunch all together in exchanging their anecdotes …

“These are extremely emotional, joyous and unifying moments and the bride and groom want to enjoy more than just one day. Our mandate is to guide and accompany them so that everything goes well and they keep an unforgettable memory of this unforgettable event, the most beautiful day of their lives! Concludes Richard Dupras, Assistant General Manager.