September is coming fast and it’s time to think about organizing the meeting that follows summer vacation! The $1000 question: how to make this meeting different from others, so that all participate, and make it memorable! A resort offers an abundance of opportunities to make this meeting unlike any other. Follow our expert advice to ensure that the whole team is still talking about it again next April;)

Tip # 1: Plan. Leave plenty of time for activities that will allow you to bond with your colleagues. This not only allows to optimize the discussions but also to consolidate the team. The adventures should be physical in order to maximize the creation of a synergy between the participants. Golf, tennis, volleyball: any activity involving a bit of competition is accepted as long as the physical condition of the team members is taken into consideration. In winter, consider downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating.

Tip # 2: Focus on a few things. Instead of trying to solve everything, choose two or three central points that will be the pillars of the event. Try to stay focused on strategic directions that will achieve the goals of the organization instead of addressing operational issues. Give free rein to creativity! Brainstorming, storyboarding, role playing or wishing are techniques that allow everyone’s imagination to innovate to bring your organization into the future!

Tip # 3: Feed the neurons! Have a good lunch, a snack break or a good dinner to make sure your stomach is not the loudest participant in the meeting! Do not forget to think about dietary restrictions for team members. It is imperative that allergies or intolerances be communicated in advance to the chef who will be responsible for concocting the culinary creations for all! In addition, gently remind your teammates that they are primarily responsible for their health: they must make sure that what they ingest fits their situation!

Tip # 4: Socialize. All this work deserves a cocktail! Take the opportunity to transform your team dynamics with a teambuilding mixology activity. Marvel your taste buds and unwind your tongue with some unusual cocktails. Mix color and flavor to bring out the bartender in you 😉

Tip # 5: Unwind. Take a break to relax! A dip in the pool, a treatment at the spa or a few hours of reading in your room: all options are accepted! Resting allows you to relax and start the day off right. Whether in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by your colleagues, or in solo mode, let go of the daily routine 🙂

Tip # 6: Get inspired. What could be better than an enchanting setting at the top of a mountain, to inspire the whole team as well as oneself 😉